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The missing Part: Native Instruments Lores

Some background: the thing that kept me from releasing Part of Everything beyond the demo was that I felt the guitar alone wasn’t enough. It is one of those decisions where you like what you did, in a selfish / artistic way, but in the other hand you understand that at this point somebody else will listen to it so it must have at least some extra, to make it more appealing. I guess it is something all creative individuals must deal with (and balance).

Trying new things: I tried multiple times to add some layers. Mainly pads. I’ve also tried background noises, nature sounds but nothing worked, nothing clicked. I’ve always had in the back of my mind the song In Collussion with the Waves from Seas of Years where a Cello adds an amazing atmosphere at the end of the song (check it out, it is on my Spotify playlist for Erres). So, cello, violin… string instruments (and even wind) where something to try. But couldn’t find anything with the right articulations… and budget. Until a few weeks ago I learned about Lores.

Native Instruments Lores: this was like an answer from the gods of inspiration, it was designed with all the elements I saw in my songs: fantasy, emotional or cinematic vibes and it also contains cello and other really appealing instruments like Nyckelharpa and even voices (which I’ll include in Nienna… soon to be released).

So I started playing with it on top of the recorded guitars and immediately everything blended together. Not only that, it allowed other layers which didn’t make before, like keyboards, to be added. So basically yes, this was the missing part to spice these songs and release them with more instrumentation and color.

Final notes

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