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The EP Is Completed!

I’m happy to announce I’ve finished mixing the EP. This is the culmination of almost five years. I’m happy with the result. I still have a ton of self critics and lessons learned but as mentioned before, it needs to go out. “Perfectionists never release”, for a self produced EP I’m good with it, it took a lot of effort. I may write about the process and things I found important to mention like the time, mind, space, resources it takes to do something like this, even with all the technology. Also from the optics of someone who doesn’t have a lot of time because of work. And budget, of course.

So, what is next: the art, as mentioned in my last post, I want to have something extra for the EP.

Set a release date. I just thought of it, no joke, I just did. September the 1st is the date of release. This will give me enough time to finish art and schedule the release in all platforms and create some videos or something to promote it.

That is all for now.