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“Nienna” will be available tomorrow in all platforms (and an update)

Nienna: Hello, my new single “Nienna” will be released tomorrow. Please subscribe to all my channels, I’ve created a Link Tree account. Very anxious on see everyone’s reaction.

More to come: I continue to work on the next 2 song. These will probably not be released as singles, so that means: the EP is almost done. BTW, I need to start thinking about a name for this EP.

Artists Self Promotion: I must say I’m getting more excited than overwhelmed by this. It is always fun to learn new things, specially when are useful for self promoting one’s creations. The amount of tools are really something, and I spent a lot of time thinking about technology, its current state and how it influences how we create music, images and all the range of art in the present era. I may write about it someday, soon (thinking out loud).

That is all for now. Stay tuned for tomorrow releade. And again, please subscribe, this helps a lot with many things.