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Nienna, coming soon

I’ve uploaded a new teaser for Nienna. This is the second song I created under Erres. Same as “Part of Everything” this song didn’t have a title until the guitar part was completed, although, the difference is that for Nienna, the title came almost immediately. This is probably the saddest song I’ve created so the melancholic vibe was easy to match with Tolkien’s most emotional characters from the universe.

The Lady of Mercy. She is one of the Valar, an Ainu (or angelic beings) who is not often mentioned in favor of other characters. For me Nienna has always been the favorite, and I can relate with the compassion and all that the character represents. She was Gandalf mentor and his pity, compassion and desire to help can be traced back to her teachings.

Yet the lesson of Nienna is not of endless grief, but rather of pity, hope, and the endurance of the spirit.

From Tolkien’s works