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Nienna, Grief, Mental Health and Overcoming Hard Times

The second song of the EP is out, available in all platforms. Check out the audio video of Nienna in Youtube!

The Process to Nienna

This song is a favorite of mine for various reasons. First, it was the first song that made me realize that more instrumentation was needed. We all think highly of our creations, which a lot of time can blind ourselves from a good critic (or self criticism in this case). When I started trying new things with Lores this was the first song I tried to apply new sounds, then the third one and then it all took shape with Part of Everything, but this song started the change. Otherwise, this project would still be forgotten in my hard drive. (of course Lores had a lot to do with moving forward as well, check the blog post about Lores).

About Nienna and Melancholy, Mental Health and Understanding Ourselves

Second, Nienna is based on the character from JRR Tolkien, one of the Valar, the angelic beings who, with music, created the universe. Nienna’s contribution to the song was one of deep sadness. My song, may be the saddest song of the EP, so that relates.

Nienna also represents many other important things, she weeps for the damages of the world but it is made clear wherever you find information about this character that this is not to be confused with weakness. She has the power to heal with her tears and this is nurtured from pity and understanding. The entire concept of Nienna is much clearer if we understand that Gandalf’s pitty, patience and other loved qualities of the wizard were thought by her. To me, this character represents the often misunderstood power of dwelling into grief, melancholy, nostalgia and sadness to deeply understand these feelings and the root of any issues; learn from them and move on, stronger. To heal. BTW, this is what makes Tolkien’s work so amazing, the depth of the story goes beyond the story itself and has a lot to unravel although there is almost nothing about Nienna in the texts, compared to other characters. She is one of the most powerful of the Valar, but, as it may be of no surprise and same as in the real world, this power is often ignored or confused with weakness.

All these topics made me think a lot. It is not coincidence that I was able to try new things for this project and gain traction again after an episode of depression. I came to the realization that I really dig a lot of art related to these melancholic topics, and in the end this is because I am a happy person. Yes, it sounds backwards but it is easy to see it the other way around. People who constantly need songs to pump them up, parties, and whatever stimuli may do so because that is what they need. For me, and same for other introverts or people who simply feel ok without all these distractions, sad music is a way to compensate the other way around. Either of these are fine, normal. It is part of who we are. I even listened to sad songs while I was using medication. It is a matter of character and what we like and what works for us.

Ok, I think this was more a diary entry than an introduction to my new Song but it is cathartic to write it down (writing it is a great tool as well). Check Nienna in Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and subscribe to all social media, let me know what you think.