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News + New Song + Video (Soon)

Hello. I’ve recently left my job so I’ll have more time for Erres (and other endeavours).

I’ve spent friday creating content, videos mainly and time flew. I got so inspired that I took the song “What Remains” and added a layer of piano to it and even created a video.

What Remains will be released on march the 30th, both the song and the video.

I do have a small warning, this new version is very dark, it contrasts with the previous songs, but as mentioned before, it is an Erres’ song. As usual, I don’t expect anyone to like it. It has a deepest meaning to me. It was created a whie ago and now it speaks to me about loss. The video is gloomy AF and for now, that is all I have to add 😀

I’m glad to have more time for this project, I needed this and I hope to be around more.

All the best.