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How all this started

I remember the exact moment when this project started, although I didn’t know that at the moment 🙂

Probably six years ago I was visiting my son and daughter. I remember I was waiting for them and to kill time I borrowed my daughter’s spanish guitar. It was one of those precious (and rare) moments when things, unplanned; flow. Minutes later I had an acoustic song, it just came out, rare, raw and nothing related to what I was used to do (heavy metal stuff). I recorded it with my cellphone so I would not forget (which eventually I did anyways, as usual). The recording can be found here (it is very… very low quality). I called that song Lo Que Queda (What remains) because the song sounds to me like countryside Argentina (where I was born) and it reminded me of my grand father who used to play guitar as well.

I liked the song very much, the feeling, something which doesn’t normally happens since I tend to be overcritical about what I do. But it ended there.

On 2017 after the band I was playing disbanded I spent some time without a steady project and started to pay attention to the work of different musicians and bands which reflected the nostalgic, melancholic and sometimes dark sound I always liked (check out  The Plagued Raven, Niki Ryland, Fait). The list is extensive and I’ve listed some in an old version of this post, but to make things easier, I’ve created a Spotify playlist.

In the next months I created a song called Parte del Todo (Part of Everything) and while I was recording the demo, more music started to gain form, mind to the guitar.

In the last months it was clear that I needed to continue playing no matter what if I wanted to have something going on, and I did. Then I found it was difficult to record and I was missing some equipment… which I got overtime. And finally, in 2018 I recorded the demo for Reverie which I published a while ago.

The idea with all this is to record the four songs into an EP (and probably re record Lo Que Queda after that).